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History of Royalton


the Surrounding Area

The links below will take you to pages containing an electronic reproduction of a work by Mr. Frank B. Logan. His work, entitled Historical Sketches of Royalton and Vicinity, was originally published as a series of articles in the Royalton Banner in early 1930. Later in that same year, the articles were reprinted in book format. I have reprinted the materials here with the assumption that all copyrights to this material have expired. If anyone is aware of facts to the contrary, please contact me.
The intent of these pages is to make the material more widely available to people within the community of Royalton and to those outside the community who may have had ancestors among the early settlers of the area. In addition to making this material more widely available, republishing in electronic format should allow anyone researching the area to use the FIND feature of their browser to quickly search the text for references to any topic. The pages can also be saved and loaded as text in most word processing programs.
The original book contains a number of photographs which I am unable to reproduce on these pages. For anyone who is interested, a copy of the original book is available at the Morrison County Historical Society in Little Falls. The Historical Society also has a collection of photos, many of which DO NOT appear in Mr. Logan's book, as well as other historical, biographical, and genelogocial resources. A photocopy of the book is also available at the Royalton Public Library.

History of Royalton - Part 1
History of Royalton - Part 2
History of Royalton - Part 3