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Find A Flower (Plant Genera) With Specific Traits
(with links to photos in CalPhotos of the species within the genera)

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Number of Flower Petals Note: There are some flowers that do not actually have petals. However, some of these have other colored flower parts, such as tepals which look like petals.
Of the 400+ genera I've reviewed so far, there are very few that I have marked as having no petals.
Do not hesitate to leave this trait marked as UNSURE if your not certain.
Hint: A pea-like flower is generally classified as having 5 petals.
Leaf Arrangement
Simple or Compound Leaves
Leaf Veins     
Leaf Margins      Most serious references use far more catagories of leaf margin types. I have attempted to simplify this set of traits.
Inflorescence Not all genera have been evaluated for these traits.
Flower Color    Many references suggest that flower color is not a good trait to use for identification of wildflowers -- in part because many species have wide variations in flower petal color and in part because we might not all interpret what we see the same.
    I have include color in this system because for the non-scientific among us, it is one of the most obvious traits.
Misc Traits      Tendrils Present
     Leaf Hairs Present
     Multiple Leaf Types
     Stem Hairs (Spines)
     Stem Spines
Not all genera have been evaluated for these traits. So while selecting one or more of them will narrow your search, doing so MIGHT also eliminate the genus for which you are looking.
Most images are courtesy of the Florida Center for Instructional Technology.