About the Artist
       Like many people in the American culture I have been taking photographs for decades. The thing that I feel makes my photography worthy of being labeled as art is time I take in creating my photos. As an example, consider my photos of SW Utah.
     These photos were taken in an area where most vacationers simply spend an hour driving through. To fully appreciate the beauty of the region, I spent several days camping and hiking the area. I watched the buttes change with the sunrises and sunsets. I watched the storm clouds gather and deposit their cargo of snow, and I was still watching when the snow melted in the mid-day sun.
     During the decades I have been practicing photography I have earned a living as a soldier, a teacher, and a computer programmer.   Recently I made the decision to see if I could survive on the pension I earned during my time as an elementary school teacher, while I explore the possibility of supplementing that income with the proceeds of selling my photographic work.  
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