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A Short History of Tigard Tigard Schools Through the Years Tigard Churches - Then & Now

Tigard Churches - Then & Now

History of the Churches of Tigard, OR

   Religion has been a consistent and important part of the Tigard community almost from the time of the first settlers. As early as 1867 groups met where ever they could to pursue their beliefs - in homes, schools, and meeting halls.

1886 - The first Evangelical Church was erected.
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Evangelical Church
1880's - Catholic services were held in a small wooden church, St. Mary Magdalene, on Gaarde St. where St. Anthony Cemetery is located.

1911 - First mass celebrated in new St. Anthony church near present location.     (Click image to see full-size.)
St. Anthony Church

1911 - Tigard Methodist Church organized with services being held in the old school building.

1919 - The second Evangelical Church was erected.
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Evangelical Church

1922-23 - Methodist pastor W.M. Warren arranges for the building of a new church.     (Click image to see full-size.)
Methodist Church

1930 - St. Anthony Church destroyed by fire.

1931 - St. Anthony school erected.

1957 - Tigard First Baptist Church organized.
1959 - Current St. Anthony Church completed
Current St. Anthony Church
1963 - Current United Methodist Church completed
Current St. Anthony Church
1966 - Tigard Church of God is organized.

1968 - Tigard Church of God moves into their new building.
Tigard Church of God
1973 - Southwest Church of Christ is organized.

1976 - Current Southwest Church of Christ completed
Current St. Anthony Church

   Many of the present day churches listed below were organized as a result of Tigard`s population boom that began in the late 70`s and early 80`s. Like the earliest religious groups, many of these newer groups gather in places not usually associated with religion -- with leased commercial buildings be a frequent choice.

Present Day Churches of Tigard

  • Calvary Church Of Tigard
    11511 Sw Pacific Hwy

  • Calvin Presbyterian Church
    10445 Sw Canterbury Ln

  • Christ the King Lutheran Church
    11305 SW Bull Mountain Road

  • Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
    11065 SW North Dakota

  • Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
    15555 SW 98th Ave.

  • Faith Pentecostal Tabernacle
    12750 SW Pacific Hwy

  • Grace Point Community Church
    11075 SW Gaarde St.

  • Hall Blvd Baptist Church
    14145 SW Hall Blvd

  • Japanese International Baptist
    8500 SW Spruce St.

  • Korean Oriental Mission
    11511 SW Bull Mountain Rd

  • Living Way Fellowship
    11460 SW Pacific Hwy

  • Our Redeemer Lutheran
    13401 SW Benish St.

  • Portland Faith Church
    8845 SW Commerical St.

  • Portland Vineyard Church
    10795 SW Cascade Ave.

  • Potter`s Hands Christian
    10200 SW Nimbus Ave.

  • Pure Life Alliance
    13500 SW Pacific Hwy, Suite 444

  • Solid Rock
    10500 SW Nimbus Ave # T

  • Southwest Church of Christ
    9725 SW Durham Rd.

  • St. Anthony's Catholic
    9905 SW McKenzie St.

  • St. James Episcopal
    11511 SW Bull Mountain Rd

  • Tigard Assembly Of God
    11265 SW Gaarde Street

  • Tigard Christian Church
    13405 SW Hall Blvd.

  • Tigard Church of God
    15670 SW 98th Ave.

  • Tigard Community Friends
    15800 SW Hall Blvd.

  • Tigard Covenant Church
    11321 SW Naeve St.

  • Tigard First Baptist Church
    11075 SW Gaarde St.

  • Tigard First Church of Christ
    14325 SW 112th Ave

  • Tigard Foursquare
    13720 SW Pacific Hwy

  • Tigard United Methodist Church
    9845 SW Walnut Place

  • Trinity Evangelical Church
    10900 SW 121st Avenue

  • Westgate Baptist Church
    12930 Scholls Ferry Rd

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