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Search Oregon Marriage Records

Select either Groom or Bride.
Then enter the surname (last name) or part of the surname.

Do NOT include first name.


If you think a name may have been misspelled you can use % for a wildcard in place of a portion of the name that may have been misspelled
Example 1: Sw%nson would return both Swenson and Swanson
Example 2: Van%Horn would return both VanHorn and Van Horn

If you are looking for a last name with an apostrophe (like O'Riley)
you will need to use a tilda ( ` ) or the wildcard % in place of the apostrophe.
(The tilda is usually found in the top-left part of the keyboard.)

The database used by this page contains about 11,000 Oregon marriage records from the following Oregon counties for the years indicated:
Columbia County Marriages: 1855-1897
Coos County Marriages: 1854-1890
Crook County Marriages: 1882-1887
Douglas County Marriages: 1852-1865
Jackson County Marriages: 1855-1896
Jefferson County Marriages: 1915-1925
Josephine County Marriages: 1857-1900
Lake County Marriages: 1875-1882
Lane County Marriages: 1852-1869
Polk County Marriages: 1849-1872
Tillamook County Marriages: 1862-1906
Umpqua County Marriages: 1850-1863
Washington County Marriages: 1848-1890

In additiion to these records, the Oregon State Archives has a searchable database with early Oregon marriage records for a number of other counties. After a little more investigation I found that the archive`s database seems to have post 1906 marriage records for most of the Oregon counties. I have yet to determine exactly how complete the set is, it may be the same as the index offered by (See the bottom of this page.) The counties with early records include:
Benton County Marriages: 1885-1929
Clackamas County Marriages: 1848-1893 & 1910-1921
Clatsop County Marriages: 1859-1950+
Hood River County Marriages: 1908-1947
Lincoln County Marriages: 1924-1947
Linn County Marriages: 1850-1873
Yamhill County Marriages: 1856-1875

The Genealogical Forum of Oregon has online listings of marriages for Multnomah County. They have about 38,000 marriages covering 1855 to about 1920. They are grouped in 8 sections according to the year of the marriage. Only the year is given.

Also, Brigham Young University hosts a searchable database for 12 western states with significant numbers of Oregon marriage records from the following Oregon counties:
Baker County Marriages: 1862-1917
Gilliam County Marriages: 1885-1900
Grant County Marriages: 1864-1898
Harney County Marriages: 1889-1913
Lake County Marriages: 1875-1895
Linn County Marriages: 1846-1923
Malheur County Marriages: 1887-1917
Marion County Marriages: 1849-1879
Morrow County Marriages: 1885-1900
Sherman County Marriages: 1889-1906
Umatilla County Marriages: 1862-1908
Union County Marriages: 1863-1934
Wallowa County Marriages: 1887-1923
Wasco County Marriages: 1852-1902
The database currently contains records from several other counties but in smaller numbers. You will do well to check all 3 databases.

If you are looking for marriage records (or death records) from Washington state or Idaho, both state archives have similiar systems containing more recent records (ie. after 1900).
Washington State Digital Archives
Idaho State Digital Archives

Also, (if you subscribe to that service) has indexed Oregon marriage records for the period 1906 to 1920.